Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Dyeing II: The Results

So the fabric is washed and ironed, and here it is:
This is the purple/red mix, and as I was rinsing the fabric I kept saying to myself that it was really ugly.  But when it was ironed and up on my working wall, I discovered I liked it.  There is more white space on this and on others than on the first round of dyeing, but there are some very interesting parts here, particularly the watery purple areas.

This is bin B the stripes of blue and yellow.  Again there is too much white on this, but I like combination of the blue-green and yellow with shades of gold brown in places.

This is C, my experiment with tilting the bin.  I am assuming the darkest color was at the bottom of the tilt, but I am not sure why it faded to pastel.  There actually is no white space on this--the lighter areas are all tinted blue or pink.  This was done on Kona cotton from Joann's and it may not be mercerized.
This is Bin D and my concentric circles produced no discernible pattern that I can see.  No white space on this one, but I am not sure I like the color combination.

And here is my experiment with folding instead of scrunching, and this is a really interesting piece of fabric.   I like the suggestion of squares and the mirror patterns produced by the folds, as well as that watery, swirly feel to the coloring.  I think I will pursue some variations of folding in my next attempt at snow dyeing to see how the designs can change.

All in all, I think the denser snow of the last round produced better results, although I did learn some things this time.  


Norma Schlager said...

Great results! I'm going to give it a try today.

Anonymous said...

I really like the results you got from the folded fabric. Thx for sharing.