Sunday, June 21, 2015

Learning New Tricks

I have used Photoshop Elements for a number of years. I knew the basics and always planned to do some tutorials to discover some of the many marvels that Photoshop could reveal but there was always something more important to be done. When Kathy Loomis, whose opinion I trust, sang the praises of the a Photoshop class for art quilters taught by the Pixeladies, I signed up before I had fully thought it all out. And I am so glad I did. I just finished the second week of lessons and I can do magic!

Here is an original photo, one that I had planned to delete because I couldn't get a good image of an amazing moon:

But those tree branches were still there:
It's still not a great photo but could be useful for something.

Getting a quilt to be absolutely square in a photo for an exhibit entry form can be so frustrating but now I can do it:

And there is much more to come.  While the lessons (4 a week) do require a bit of work, it is not overwhelming and their clear explanations make it easy to make progress. I used to guess and try something but was not sure why it worked and whether I could ever repeat what I had done. Now I have added some great tools to my collection!

If you get a chance, take their classes--unless of course you are among the many who already know their way around PSE.