Friday, June 28, 2013

Three's Company

Time keeps flying and I perhaps need to put a priority on posting. The settling in process keeps being interrupted with crises like a leaky roof--not a great surprise, but we thought we would be able to wait at least a year to tackle this project. Not only did we have to choose a roofer but we also had to decide on a color for the shingles--not an easy task for someone who likes to actually see a fabric on the working wall    before she makes a final decision.

But I have been doing some work as well. Sitting and stitching at my studio window has restored my spirits on many afternoons. And I finally have something to show for it.

I had begun with a piece of intriguing snow-dye up on the wall and then I kept adding bits of hand-dyes until I got that zing that told me it was working. I am still experimenting with just fabric stitched to fabric--no fusing involved.
  So stitching all the pieces down gave me lots of that quiet stitching time.
I have always liked working with threes for its symbolism and design possibilities and that is where this piece began to take shape. It ended up being 19 1/2 x 13 3/4" and I christened it "Trinomial." Photographing it proved a challenge since my tripod and photography lights are still in Pennsylvania, but the color is not too far off.

And if your life has been quiet enough that you are still reading this, thanks for the company! And check our what's happening at Off the Wall Friday.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Last Sunday we officially made the move and after a seven-and-a-half hour drive that turned into ten with the UHaul truck, we found ourselves in our new home amid towers of boxes.  Organizing my studio looked daunting every time I (or Terra, who is always willing to help) looked in the door:

But today the studio looks like this--

still a little disorganized but it is beginning to feel like a good place to work. A working wall is up--and I actually did some quilting work, not just organizing work yesterday. Today Tom got the shelves for my hand-dyes put together so I can empty more boxes of fabric tomorrow--and tomorrow the weather wizards have promised an end to this mind-numbing heat wave that has been smothering us. So I have big plans for the morning!

And if you are still with me in this new space I am creating, thanks for the company!