Friday, February 14, 2014

All For Love

Ah, yes! It's Valentine's Day again, a time when I give my husband a small piece of the work I do, that may or may not be successful, as well as an interesting meal, that I hope is more consistently successful. With all the water that figures so prominently in our new home/life, it is not surprising that water images keep showing up as I visualize future quilts so I thought I would give Tom a walk on the beach, one of our favorite places we escape to when all this relocating stuff gets to be too much.  And I used my scrunched fabric technique because it captures that unpredictable/predictable way water moves.

This is more straightforward than many of my quilts, just playing with color and line but clearly suggesting ocean, which of course is endlessly symbolic in itself. It's only about 6 x 9", made from my hand-dyes (there's a story about the brown that I will save for another time), and hand-stitched with perle cotton except for the machine quilting at the bottom and top.

Hope you have spent at least part of your day with those you love!

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