Monday, November 9, 2015


Yesterday morning I walked into my studio and found myself inside a golden cube. A unique combination of morning sun and yellow maple leaves from the trees that filled the windows had lit up the room with a glow that even warmed the deepest recesses of my spirit.

What an amazing quilt this would make! But as I began to envision designs, that inner critic began to whisper that "yellow is not a popular color," and then took an even mercenary tone--"It wouldn't sell."

Where did that come from? I have been preparing for the town Open Studio Tour (another story) and have had to focus on pricing my artwork. I hadn't realized how that shift from making to selling could leave a residual shadow when I returned to making. But now I am aware of another aspect of this complicated undertaking called the creative process, and let's hope the Buddhists are right that awareness changes things.

And I will make that yellow, glowing quilt.

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IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Good for you! I say follow your inner will lead you to exactly the right project in the right time.