Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Day of Art

Sharing is part of the process that we call art, and today I got to share some of my art. Art as Quilt: Transitions in Contemporary Textile Media, a juried SAQA exhibitopened at the Fuller Craft Museum Oct. 3 and today was the opening reception. The museum itself is a work of art nestled in woods next to a large pond south of Boston, and the show was well lit and well hung with enough space between works to allow viewers to focus on each one.

It's still a thrill to see people stop and spend time looking at my work.

And here is Spun Gold, one of my textured pieces without viewers:

There were many pieces worthy of attention at this show. The curators wanted to show the diversity of contemporary textile work and the works captured that diversity. Unfortunately, I relied on my phone for the photographs so several were too blurry to use and I apologize for the quality of some of these that I am including:
Dawn Allen and one of her striking three-dimensional flowers, Poppy II

Janis Doucette and one of her lively deconstructed screen printed pieces, Out of the Blue

Sharyn Raiche's dimensional Nexus (She used webs and it doesn't look like Halloween at all!)

The Myth of Meditation, a lovely piece with lots of hand stitching by Sharon McCartney
A wall shot, beginning with the largest, Flotsam and Jetsam by Rosemary Hoffenberg, then  Windows of Orvietto by Linda Gallagher, and Flowing by Jeanne Marklin

Another wall shot that shows a portion of Vessel of Life by Janice Jones, Tune in Turn on Dropcloth #4 by Sandra Donabed in the middle, and Crevices #9 by Valerie Maser-Flanagan

And many more--there is a total of 35 pieces in the show. One of the curators from the museum, who gave a talk at our SAQA regional meeting before the reception distinguished between art and craft by describing craft as focusing in on itself, its techniques and materials, but art opens out and speaks to something beyond itself. You could feel that happening in this show.

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