Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Those irritating word verifications

I thought I had freed my blog from those irritating word verifications a while ago but just discovered that either my change did not take or something got changed without my knowledge and they were still there. Anyway, I have once again removed them--or tried to remove them.  And now I am not so sure I want to.  I, like many of web users, have found them annoying and recently they seemed to get downright difficult to read.  But then I discovered why.  Instead of a waste of time, each of us, when we copy the words down correctly, is adding to the knowledge base of the world--well, the English-speaking world, anyway.

Here is the explanation:

All this appeals to the geek-side of my nature, but it may not appeal to you, my readers, who may not want to jump such a hurdle just to comment on one of my posts.

Any thoughts?

And if I didn't entirely lose you to the TED talk and you are still reading, thanks for the company!


Kathy P said...

What an interesting video! I'm amazed, and will be much more tolerant of the word verification process from now on. Thanks for sharing this!

Diane said...

That was so interesting!! Thank you for sharing this.