Sunday, September 4, 2011

Can This Be Saved?

Last week, along with several pieces of fabric that I really like, I produced this:
I had been playing with flour paste resist that can produce great crackly images when it dries and has paint or dye applied to it. And here I was experimenting with adding shapes to it, obviously circles this time. The other two are ready for the next step of overdyeing, but this one. . . . My first thought was that it looks like moisture rings left by a glass on your favorite table. Aside from overdyeing it with black, I have so far not come up with anything to save this.  Any suggestions?


quilthexle said...

Oh I love it when I'm allowed to come up with ideas ;-)) How about doing it again - adding more circles? Maybe in different colors? Or repeating the process, but change the form? Squares, rectangles, triangles? Or use the resist again, crackle it when it's dry, and add a new color (not black, please ! that would be a pity !! Red came to my mind ...). Or overdye it first in the light blue that already shows on the piece, than add more circles to it. And if you don't like it all - shall I give you my address?

arts4all said...

Red comes to my mind too!! Triangles maybe? Appliqued maybe instead of more texture? And adding some words might be interesting......

Diane said...

absolutely! I like it as it is! If you must overdye I would say a blue or perhaps just a little distance (time) and your perspective will change.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say that I'm so relieved to see that a photo of me was not attached to the title of your post...LOL.

Next...if anyone can make magic is you. I say...put it aside for a bit and then when your ideas flow....get it out and let your intuition guide you.

I'm guessing you were hoping for more of a "this is what you need to do" type help...and you are so far ahead of me in this area I can't be much help but I do love reading your posts.

After typing that...I just remembered learning about deColourant by Kandi was cool....perhaps that would do something?

Can't wait to hear you speak at the guild meeting :)