Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pictures at an Exhibition

The Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Exhibit 2010 opened with a crowded gallery last night.  This is a shot down the left side in the quiet before people starting arriving.  And the next one shows the center grouping:

To be successful, an exhibit like this takes a great deal of work and many volunteer hours.  None put in more hours for this show than Susan, the exhibit chair, who, with her great organizational skills, managed to keep all the plates spinning, the committees on target, and everyone reasonably happy throughout the two years of preparation time for this event.  She was aided by a number of generous hard workers in our guild.

But the big percentage of the success has to be attributed to the quilters willing to put their work on display.  For some this is easy; for others of us it is difficult and the more of us we put into our quilts the harder it can be to send them out there for all the world to see and comment on.  

So here's to the hard work of Susan and all who helped her and to the hard work and courage of all the quilters whose work is on display.   Together we all made something beautiful!