Friday, September 3, 2010


I have not done very well this week in terms of my resolution to post more frequently.  But I have a very good quilt-related excuse.  This has been the week for hanging our local guild's biennial exhibit.  Unlike other quilt shows which are often hung in large gymnasiums or some kind of community center, ours began twelve years ago in the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center, a local community art gallery, and has stayed there ever since even though the guild has grown considerably in those years.  The space is limited, but makes a beautiful backdrop for all the richness of color, texture, and pattern that the quilts bring.

Since the show is open to any of the members, now numbering almost 150, it is always a bit of a nail biter to see if we will have enough room.   As usual, I, with the help of five other members, was given the task of somehow fitting the quilts into the space and making it somehow look like these very distinctive quilts settle into some kind of flow and rhythm.

And this year, as usual, on Monday morning as I moved quilts around into a possible progression before the rest of the hanging committee showed up, I was convinced that we would not have room to hang all the first choices (We guarantee each member that we will include her first choice in the show).  But this year I was convinced more strongly than in other years because, as the guild has grown in numbers, members have also grown in skill or at least in the confidence to take on larger projects so that we had very few small wall hangings this year.   But as usual, by the end of that day, we had found a way to get all the first choices in and, by the end of Tuesday, we had  a good percentage of the second choices as well.  And the show looks good!

I did remember to bring my camera with me, but my attention was definitely on other things besides taking pictures.  So you will have to imagine a space filled with piles of quilts, ladders, long poles for the quilt racks, and rods for hanging quilts on the wall that gradually becomes more coherent.

Tonight we party!  The Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Exhibit 2010 will officially open and will remain at the Gmeiner all month.  And I promise pictures after the opening reception--as well as some details about my two quilts that are hanging in the show.  And if you're still with me this time, thanks for the company.

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Anya said...

Great job, Madalene! The exhibit looks wonderful!