Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snow Dyeing Part 2

So here are the trays of snow covered fabric five hours into the great experiment:

On the left, A deep purple and forest green and on the right, B brilliant blue and forest green
               Notice how some of the dyes have soaked through the snow already and are hardly visible on top.

 On the left, C Amethyst, lemon yellow, mist gray, and on the right D Amethyst, deep purple, mist gray

                            E deep purple, lemon yellow, dots of amethyst

Here is tray B with a side shot showing how much dye has migrated.

The fabric was supposed to be at room temperature at the end of seven or eight hours, but I had left mine in our cold basement and things were moving slowly so at five hours I moved them upstairs, and here they are at the end of eight hours, still looking a bit frosty:

The next morning, as evidenced by tray B below, all was melted but I let them sit a full twenty-four hours to get up to what felt like room temperature.

And here--ta dah!--are the final results:

        On the left, A deep purple and forest green, and on the right, B brilliant blue and forest green

C Amthyst and lemon yellow with a little mist gray

E deep purple, lemon yellow, and dots of amethyst

D Amethyst, deep purple and mist gray

This was a success, in my view.  I like the tiny crystalline patterns but I particularly like the watery patches where the colors have captured the liquid nature of the dye and flow into one another.  Alas, almost all our snow is gone, after a winter rain, or too gray specked or frozen to use.  Now I have another reason to be excited about the next snowfall.  It will be interesting to see if a different snow--dryer, wetter--would produce different results.

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