Thursday, February 2, 2012

Poetic Piece

"On a Sligo Hill" and the rest of the Deep Spaces exhibit has now traveled to Texas, but while it was hanging in the state of Washington, it played a role in the annual celebration of the arts known as ArtsCrush Weekend in Edmonds.  As part of the festivities, a group of poets (Floating Mountain Poets--isn't that a great name?) wrote poems about each of the quilts and staged a poetry reading with the exhibit as a backdrop. Now I have never had anyone write a poem about one of my quilts so I felt a bit special when I found out this was going to happen--and curious about what kind of poem my quilt would generate. About a week ago, my curiosity was satisfied.

On a Sligo Hill
by Tom Nivison

From the giant's apron
Boulders tumbled
And rolled
And opened a road
Into the essence of earth.

Gathered round
To tomb and womb
The rock told tales
Of weight and waiting.

Deep beneath the dead
The white way rises
'Til it crowns
With stones and shells
The hollow hills
Of Sligo.

I'll have to see what other surprises this quilting journey has in store. And if you are still with me, thanks for the company.


Kathy P said...

and I'm sure your curiosity is more than satisfied - it must be quite pleased! What an honor to have your quilt set to poetry!

quilthexle said...

How beautiful - your quilt got its very own poem to go with. congratulations!