Friday, February 15, 2019


I seem drawn to hidden things--tiny bugs camouflaged in bark, a shadow at the bottom of the pond, or those secret dark spaces surrounded by green on a far away hill or almost overgrown with grass on the edge of a field. As I neared the end of that very large Explorations project, I knew I should plan for another piece. I needed something that would entice me back into the studio and get those curiosity juices flowing again after I took the final stitches on "From the Stillness." I had another large piece in my heavily textured technique that I had begun many months ago but that would be no enticement. This must be a smallish piece so that the gratification of my curiosity would be much faster.

I played with sketches and liked the idea of an unfolding, an opening around a dark focal point. And I wanted to work with purple. And here is "Lotus," 13 x 13 inches, made from cottons and lots of silks that I dyed and finished with the glimmer of a small purple stone.

Hope you are finding lots of things to be curious about this week!

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quiltedfabricart said...

The first word that comes to me is stunning when I look at this piece. - love your colors and the placement of them. Well done!

Turtlemoonimpressions said...

This is gorgeous!Great way to break right back into the sure swing of things!

Gwyned said...

Wow! Love your textural approach. It is like looking down into a deep well with the hint of reflected light at the bottom.

Judy Warner said...

I love the texture that you have achieved and the gradual unfolding. Great fun!

Judy Martin said...

how beautiful xo