Sunday, April 29, 2018

A Day

I awoke yesterday morning feeling punky in the stomach and punkier in the spirit. I have felt that the days are slipping through my fingers with little of substance getting done. This day looked to be another scattered collection of moments, betraying the scattered aspects of my mind. And so I began to record:

Brief strength training
Rinsed silk that I had dyed yesterday and put it in wash
Grabbed breakfast as I read the local paper
Rinsed silk final time and hung out to dry
Printed out a few Clarks Pond Watershed Association flyers to hang from doorknobs of new home                owners
Went to Newburyport Literary Festival: lecture by Stephen Greenblatt on newest book on the           
              Adam/Eve story
Watched Tom take part in Tai chi saber demonstration on waterfront
Ate less than spectacular lunch ( not good for the punky stomach) and spectacular scones from  
              bakery in Tannery
Listened to Ramie Targoff talk at Newburyport Art Association about her new biography of Vittoria                Colonna, an unknown to us but influential Renaissance woman, and saw Lit, a beautiful 
               exhibit by Sue Charles
Took silk off line and evaluated color
Discovered hostas coming up
Checked on peach tree with its first year of blossoms
Walked to town to sale at health food store
On way home met new owners of house around corner that we had been wanting to invite to join our                pond association
Talked to another neighbor who is going through a tough time
Helped Tom carry kayak down to pond
Walked Terra and met and talked for a while with owner of house around another corner who is
              usually walking unfriendly dogs so we don’t talk
Put out hummingbird feeder
Wished daughter and son-in-law a happy anniversary
Stitched on monster project while spaghetti cooked
Ate dinner
Answered emails while Tom did dishes
Stitched while watching The Post
Typed this list up
And the plan is to meditate, shower, read more of Ordinary Grace and then to sleep. . .  .

The list does not mention all the meaningful/meaningless exchanges that Tom and I shared nor does it mention the Great Heron on the pond that distracted me as I set up to do strength training and sent me searching for my camera so there are many unrecorded moments woven into this list. But perspective counts and laying out a day like this, observing this day changes perspective. Even though many things I planned to do did not happen, like raking the leaves off the bed in the side yard or clearing part of the pile of papers on my desk, the scattered aspects began to take on the look of a Christmas tree not filled with matching ornaments but full of a multiplicity of different ornaments each with its own story that made up a glittering, colorful whole. It was a day I lived not a day I wasted. My stomach and my spirit were much less punky at the end of it. And now let's see what this day brings.


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