Friday, February 9, 2018

Bugs Again

As soon as I made a definite decision to put my insect project (see this post for details) on hold for a while, this critter walked across my windowsill.

It's a Western Conifer Seed Bug and has become a common sight in our houses in the wintertime. As its name implies, its home should be in the western US but since the nineties it has been making itself at home in the eastern states, where I live. It is just looking for a warm place to be, as we all are doing, but this is a bug (and he is a true bug) I find very hard to like. Its revenge on anyone trying to crush it--or even move it outside--is an unforgettable smell. And it makes little difference that it didn't make it into the Stink Bug family but is classed with the Coreidae or leaf-footed bugs.   

Because insects are few in number in February, I carefully moved this guy into a magnifying jar without setting off a stink bomb and for the first time really looked at it. And there on its back was a beautiful glyph-like marking on its brown wing covers. So I took some time out from my bigger project to capture it in fabric, a simple reminder of the value of looking closely. 

And now back to this--

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Linda M said...

The West has been relatively warm this winter, too warm for the bug so he headed East to cool down!

Ann Scott said...

I'm here from Off the Wall Friday/Nina Marie's site. You make such a good point to look closely. Your last image in this post has piqued my interest, have you written about that project in an earlier post? I look forward to seeing more, thanks.

Susan Lenz said...

It is wonderful to read about how inspirational even a sticky bug can be if examined closely. I will have to keep my own eyes peeled to the possibilities that a Palmetto bug might have a redeeming quality. Here in South Carolina, I simply view them a disgusting, flying cockroaches that crunch if stepped on ... yuck! Thanks, too, for the comment on my blog! Susan

Regina B Dunn said...

It's wonderful to appreciate the little things in life and realize there are so many inspirations all around us all the time. We just need to take the time to slow down and pay attention.