Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I have been feeling overwhelmed lately--by endless reports of disturbing situations and decisions that will have repercussions that may ripple down the years, impacting my grandchildren's lives--and by trying to decide what I, in my seeming powerlessness, can do about them. So I turned to doing what was in front of me. I stitched on one of my current projects.

And at lunch I picked up the latest SAQA Journal that often leaves me inspired and motivated but today I read about how mastering the art of online video helps connect you with the world and then another article on new opportunities provided by the SAQA seminar, where we can watch videos of master fiber artists, interact with other fiber artists, and even join a stitch session and the list goes on. These are all good things, things that many people have spent much time on and that make a contribution to the arts community. But I am overwhelmed again--not too much bad news but too many opportunities.

And so I asked my spouse and animal companion if they would like to go for a walk on the beach. And both thought that was a great idea.

And seeing the actual waves, instead of the metaphorical ones that threatened to crash upon me, cleared my mind and gave me my perspective back. I cannot do everything but I can do something.

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