Monday, May 12, 2014


In 2011 several members of the local quilt guild got together to form an art quilt challenge group. We had many lively meetings as we revealed our own personal interpretations of the particular challenge we were focusing on. But the last challenge was one I didn't participate in.

At the beginning of May six of us (with one member out of town) met for a potluck lunch, a farewell party of sorts and I anticipated a great meal, since we have some excellent cooks in this group. But even before we sat down to eat, I was presented with an amazing gift--a quilted book with each page designed and made by a different member of the group. I will let the book speak for itself.
Hand-dyed and stitched by Peggi Yacovissi
Kate Means

Nancy Cooledge

Louise Holder

Susan McConnell

Anya Tyson (see her explanation of this page on her blog)

Peggi Yacovissi
Hand-dyed by Louise Holder
Thanks, guys! I will treasure this gift and your friendship--and I will miss you all!

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quilthexle said...

What a beautiful gift - and how thoughtful. You have great friends !