Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's in a Name?

The latest in my scrunched series that plays with heavy texture is an attempt to push the limits of what I could do with this technique--can I make sharp curves with these scrunchings? And here is the answer:

I was obviously playing around with letting some of the background show as well.  But I was also very aware, as I was stitching these rows down by hand, how the various shapes were influencing each other--from the triangle-ish piece in the center left to the twists and turns of the others that encircle it.  It is a small piece, about 14 inches square.

Naming a finished a work is often a fun part of the process, although I sometimes begin with a  name in mind.  But the naming process for this one is dragging on. "Influence" was an immediate favorite until I was looking at the piece a couple of days later and "Aura" popped into my head.  Although "Influence" certainly conveys one of the main themes of the piece for me, it is a bit pedestrian. "Aura" is a more resonant word but is also a bit more restrictive in its connotations. Then today, I added "Connotations" to the list and that became the favorite for a good part of the afternoon, but I keep waffling among the three. Any thoughts?

And, even if you don't care what name I give it, thanks for the company!

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Kathy said...

Why not weight it down with a huge title and use all three words? Until you hit the perfect word that doesn't make you waffle!

Teri Berry said...

Love the finished piece, it looks great! I'm leaning towards Influence, I think because it implies flow, which this piece does for me but aura is good too...

quilthexle said...

Very interesting piece - love how the background shows through in some spots !