Friday, January 24, 2014


One of the nice things about falling in love with a new technique is that it can keep you going even when there are a thousand delightful distractions like long conversations with our grown children, reading and rereading a new book with a grandchild, deciding on how to replace an old bathroom vanity top with something that suits us, walking on the beach with an enthusiastic Golden Doodle. Even as the holidays sped by, I kept working on a small piece that used my scrunched texture technique combined with untextured bits on top of the scrunching.
"Beyond" is 7 x 10 inches and made of various hand-dyes hand-stitched to batting and backing with perle cotton. 

And thanks for the company on this brief ramble!


Vic said...

I like it! Especially the colors used and the sense of receding depth that you've achieved. Also good to hear that your holidays were joy-filled!

quilthexle said...

Lovely - and yes, I too like the effect of receding depth. And how you used those tiny splashes of yellow, very effectful!
Take care,