Friday, March 8, 2013


The word for our Art 1016 challenge this time was "Transformation," a word that, as the member who chose it pointed out, can be applied to just about any quilt since we are all taking fabric and thread and whatever else strikes our fancy and transforming it into a whole quite different from the sum of its parts. But even with that wide interpretation I almost didn't work on this challenge due to all the other transforming that's taking place in my life.

But, as I begin my goodbyes to this place that I love, I keep being reminded of times and scenes that I want to hold onto--like walking in the fields with Terra on a late autumn day and suddenly I am aware of snowflakes falling, just a very few drifting silently down. And there was the idea for a quilt--the very beginning of a transformation.

This is a small piece--the rules for our challenge group state that the quilt should be no larger that 10 x 16" (although we have begun to relax our rules somewhat) and so I was originally going to make the quilt 10 inches wide but split that 10 inches into three panels:

This layout was bothering me, however, probably because the middle panel needed to be more obviously the focus and the three pieces seemed less unified than they could be. So I finally happened upon the idea of putting that center panel on top of the other two as it appears in the first photo. Do you think the change made a difference?

 There are also very quiet snowflakes on that panel that may not show up so well on your screens:

And now that you've seen what I've done this week, you might to check out Off the Wall Friday at Nina-Marie's blog to see what others have been creating.


Lisa Chin said...

I liked the first photo and didn't feel that anything was "wrong" with it at all. The space between the pieces in the second photo does break the piece up making it not "flow." Great idea!

Judy Ferguson said...

First photo is a much better choice, in my opinion.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Madalene. The first photo is visually pleasing. Nice idea. The colors you use are pleasing and it's interesting how the white section balances things out. Enjoyed visiting your blog!
best, nadia

MulticoloredPieces said...

PS. And about your comment in "About Me"-- "I fall off my horse in the mud"--that's the story of my life!

quilthexle said...

I just love the idea of the middle piece on top - it looks fantastic! And your colour choices are once again soooo beautiful.