Monday, May 21, 2012

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day indeed--a warm sunny day that kept whispering "Perfect for dyeing." So I started running through my list of Dyeing Projects I Want to Do When the Weather Gets Warm Enough and decided to begin with another attempt at oatmeal resist. I was planning to overdye my first attempt but thought it might be interesting to try a second layer of resist--so soon it was covered with oatmeal and drying in the sun.
Since I was on a roll, I covered another half yard with oatmeal and put it out to dry. And while I was waiting for the oatmeal to cook, I overdyed a piece I had been contemplating for a long time--hope I didn't ruin it!
I prepped some more fabric for resist work and mixed up some dye paste and played with printing, none of which you will see because I realized I needed to practice this a bit and this was the practice. But I have gotten the practice out of the way.

As the oatmeal cooled, I worked on the background quilting for the big piece that is getting very close to being finished, and did my daily hand stitching (more on that later). And I still managed to find time to do a load of laundry, put these babies in the ground

and cook this for supper.
This is before the cheese goes on, and I must, in all fairness, disclose that my husband did help chop the veggies.

So after dinner I was ready to sit and tie knots and watch the second episode of the PBS Sherlock. But it was a good day--doing all the things I love (aside from the laundry).

We'll see if my energy continues today, which is rainy and cool (not a good day for the oatmeal to finish drying), and has not started out well as we deal with a hot water heater crisis. But if you are still with me, I hope you are having a very good day and thanks for the company!

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