Thursday, May 5, 2011


Meant to post earlier this week, but all my word thoughts were taken up with preparing a talk I had been asked to give to the Wellsboro Art Club.  Entitled "Finding Myself in Stitches: A Quilter's Journey," I got to think about how my quilting has changed over the years and what I have learned along the way and how I could present the art of quilting to a nonquilting audience.

All went well, except for a minor glitch on a Power Point slide.  We even had enough break in our perpetual rainy season for me to get my quilts to the car from my house and into the Gmeiner.  The club turned out to be a very welcoming group of women, who took me to lunch and who were a great audience who listened actively and asked great questions.

When I was summing up, mentioning things I had discovered on the course of my journey, I commented that I am convinced more every year that I am focused on making art, that the arts are an essential part of an education, that to eliminate them because they cannot be easily measured like reading comprehension or math skills is to cut out the heart, the part that helps us understand who we are and what life is about.   And I saw nods of agreement in the audience.

So, all in all, a most pleasurable step in my quilting journey.

Now on to enjoying the first spring day all week, getting back to my quilts in progress, and helping launch the Wellsboro Growers Market this afternoon.
And if you are still reading, thanks for the company.


quilthexle said...

Oh I wish I could have listened to your talk - how exciting! And I so agree with you, regarding art and education ...

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Oh I wish I could have been there....I know your talk was wonderful...cuz of course I know you :)

I hope you are having a wonderful, warm and sunny Mother's Day!