Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Art

This morning nature was mimicking Andrew Goldsworthy,one of my favorite artists who creates, among other things ephemeral art, making striking patterns on rocks in a stream, for example, with sheep's wool that will blow or drift away eventually.  Overnight we had had about six inches of snow and, as I stepped out the back door on the daily walk with Terra, I looked up and saw the leafless dogwood tree in full snow bloom.  The bits of snow caught in the crotches and twig ends looked very like the small white flowers that light up the tree in June.
Now my photography is no match for Goldsworthy's  so you're losing a bit of the effect here, but it is more obvious, perhaps too obvious, on the azalea, which is covered with flowers in early summer:

An hour later this was gone and the tree and most of the bush were back to their winter austerity.  

Thanks for the company on this little detour and the next post will be back to the topic of quilting!

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