Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something New

In one corner of what I call my workroom, where my working walls are, was my old cutting table--a small teacher's desk made out of oak that we had picked up years ago at some sale or other.  The top was big enough to accommodate a large 23x35" cutting mat, and, while I often wished for a bit more space so that the folded yardage would not slip over the edge, pulling the end I was cutting with it, I made do.  There just wasn't room for a larger table in that room if I wanted any space to step back and look at what was on the working wall.

Then there was the height issue.  I'm 5' 2 1/2" and so I like a low counter in the kitchen to cut veggies or knead bread dough on, but I was leaning over too far to cut for long periods of time on this desk.  Yes, I could have put something under the legs, but I just never got around to finding that perfect gizmo that would be the right height and would be stable as well.

Then in August as I searched for fabric paints at Joann's I happened upon a cutting table that could fold up and roll into a corner; it was on one of those Joann super sales and I couldn't resist.  It sat for a long time in its box leaning on my workroom wall as I figured out what to do with all the stuff in the four desk drawers, a formidable task.

The assembly process was not an easy task either, and I am glad my husband was eager to take it on.  And here it is with lots of room on its 36x59 3/4" top for holding that extra yardage or whatever else I need to put on it:
Yes, I could have straightened up a bit more to take the picture, but it is a workroom.  That outer leaf goes down very easily by sliding the two front legs in toward the center so most of the time it looks like this:
It can fold even smaller into a 36x16" size but it will no longer roll.  It  turned out to be a bit high for me--no heightist comments here please--but eliminating the wheels made it just right.  The individual little feet are adjustable, however, a real advantage for eliminating wobbling on our less than level farmhouse floors.

Not only did I get a new table out of this but clearing out those desk drawers forced me to take the time to organize the shelves in that room so that things are much more findable.  And if you are still with me, thanks for the company.


Gypsy Quilter said...

How lucky you found such a deal on sale. I'm glad you were able to find the right height that works for you. One of the great things about having a working studio is making all of your tools work for you! Happy sewing.

quilthexle said...

If somebody asks me about the most important gadget in my studio - I always answer: my cutting table! It is adjusted to my height and that makes all those cutting jobs sooo much easier on the back. Enjoy your new table !!