Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is coming!

Yesterday as I walked into our kitchen to fix lunch, I saw over thirty robins in our yard and near the barn, but I needed to see a red-winged blackbird to know that spring was getting close.  My friend Susan had gotten a picture of one yesterday at her house, but I hadn't seen a trace of one on our hill.  This morning as I set out down our hill for a walk with Terra I suddenly realized that I was hearing red-winged blackbirds from all directions.  They have a unique rusty, creaky call that has always sounded to me like one of those wind-up alarm clocks we used to have when you don't turn off the alarm and it gradually moves from a bell ringing to an unharmonious winding down.

Finally I saw one at the top of a tree near our pond, singing his heart out with the red on his shoulders clearly visible in case any females are in the neighborhood.  Spring is on its way!


Susan said...

Woohoo! I'm glad that they finally found their way to your house!

Deb said...

don't count your redwings before the are hatched..LOL..when we see 30 robins or bluejays we know that the hawks are not far behind. It just have been a beautiful sound to hear all the lovelies singing..

Rene' said...

Happy Birthday Madalene!!!! Found my way over here from Anya's blog. I really like the Tree you made for your husband. Really cool. I have to say after looking at your practice pieces for machine quilting it looks like you are ready for Carnegie Hall. Enjoy your special day!!!

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday, Madalene! I, too, came over from Anya's blog and I love seeing what you have been doing. Nice work!