Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Journal Quilt

One of my resolutions has been to try new techniques or to work on mastering a technique I am still not comfortable with. In line with this, after I had decided to quit my job, I began a quilt journal project, working with 8 ½” X 11” sized pieces. My first is still not done but my second is finished. The theme of this series is shadows and so I played with the shadow as a reminder of another state—the green leaf with an autumn red shadow. These are all my own hand-dyed fabrics with a gradation in the background. I had used pearl cotton as a quilting thread on another (unfinished) piece a while ago and had wanted to do more with it and here was the opportunity. I even got the metallic to cooperate after some trial and error. I liked the patterning I could create by offsetting the rows of stitches and by varying the width between rows. I kept thinking that it needed some machine quilting but I liked the simplicity of the design and decided to go with my gut feeling rather than the little voice that says, “But in the shows the quilts are COVERED with quilting.”

Problem: These journal quilts are supposed to be quick projects, and this, while quicker than many of my other ones, still took a couple of weeks to complete. Should I push myself to learn to make quicker decisions or do I really need time to create something worthwhile?

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