Friday, March 9, 2018

Tree Love

Yesterday morning I woke up to this scene outside my studio window:

After four years of living in New England, I now know what many of the varied weather events are that the term nor'easter covers. This one involved lots of very wet snow that broke tree branches and pulled down power lines. The branches of that elm tree in the middle of this picture are dangerously drooping but the fates were with us. We lost a good-sized magnolia in the front yard but no major limbs from our big trees and our power didn't even flicker. 

All this tree focus is a good introduction to my annual Valentine project. This year Tom received a little 10 x 9" quilt from me, inspired by the crossing limbs of a Norway maple and a slippery elm in our backyard. 

I have learned from experience that I need to plan these out so that they are small enough that I can get them done in a brief slice of time borrowed from the other projects I am working on but they have to be in a semi-finished state by Feb. 14.  This one still does not have the facing sewed down in the back and needs a sleeve and label but I was pleased with myself for getting it as far along as it is this year.

If you are still reading, thanks for the company and I hope winter is dealing kindly with you.

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Judy Warner said...

That is a beautiful Valentine gift. Hope that spring comes soon to your neck of the woods, you have really had a difficult winter.

Janis Doucette said...

He's a lucky guy! That's a very fine piece of work!

quiltedfabricart said...

I’m partial to trees myself and what a good idea for a valentine 😊 I live in Vermont and we got some of that wet snow also. So darn beautiful! In the woods it’s like your under a canopy. Where in New England are you?