Friday, October 27, 2017


My newest textured work, which is finally complete enough to photograph:

This piece (25 x 18") is a little larger than I have been working. I seem to need to make a golden piece every now and then and so this began with that need as I played with various rough sketches that would suggest directions for textured rows. It is made with all hand-dyes and quite a bit of silk along with the cottons and then hand stitched with perle cotton thread.

I titled it "Experience" because that is the word it came to represent for me--in all the aspects of meaning that word contains.

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quiltedfabricart said...

This is gorgeous! Especially this time of year when (here in Vermont) everything in the woods has those lovely colors. I just took a hike today and all Browns, yellows and golds. And the textures you have achieved - stunning.

Susan Lenz said...

Love the graphic design of this ... drew me right in!