Monday, November 7, 2011

And the lemonade

Amazingly, we have had two blissful days of relative quiet up here on our hill--not as quiet as it was two years ago but a distanced background noise--until this afternoon when the noise levels began to ramp up again. But I did manage to get a lot done during those two days--including rinsing out the contents of those dye buckets from my last post. I will share a few samples with you.

Several of my pieces were overdyes, attempts to rectify a dye job gone bad for some reason or simply another planned layer in a process. I had dyed several gradations of a burgundy a while ago that turned out looking unpleasantly like dried blood and so I added a layer of ultra violet and those pieces came out looking like this:

And I jazzed up a couple of lifeless browns with a little yellow:
I added a green background--the green didn't photograph very well so just imagine this a bit greener--to one of my flour paste crackles and suddenly those lines began to look a little like trees.
I couldn't resist doing another of my lined dyes and made this one vertical:
And I am playing around with these strange little squiggle shapes that I am finding intriguing:

And if you are still with me, thanks for the company!


Susan said...


Anya said...

Love the results!

quilthexle said...

You did a great job with overdyeing - love the brown!

Kathleen said...

Love the colors, those little squiggle shapes look like the dragons on Harry Potter! It's funny what one can see in fabric. Have a great day!