Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Summer's Day. . .

Thanks to a post from a blogging friend, I found the perfect distraction after the intensity of Jane Dunnewold's class and other projects I have been working on and discovered a great website--Lenna Andrews' Creative Swaps. Each month she posts a couple of possible swaps you can sign up for and the first one in September was a postcard swap on the theme of "A Summer's Day. . . ."  If you send her three postcards on that theme, you will receive three back, each from a different artist. She supplies plenty of helpful guidelines about making art postcards, and they can be done in any medium, not just fabric. So I decided to give it a try.

For my first attempt, I used some little tree stamps I had made in Jane's class to add some paint to a hand-dyed pieced of fabric:
I obviously added some stitching and some fused shadows. On the back of the card, you were supposed to put your name, e-mail address and then finish the phrase "A summer's day. . . ."  I added ". . .is all about sunshine and shadow."

I decided on butterflies for the focus of the next postcard, and just happened to have a butterfly stamp that I made in Jane's class as well.  I played with transparent and opaque paint and then topped the painted butterflies with a fabric one and added some quilting lines:
And on to my third! I was having a lot of fun by this time and decided to give my butterflies another try since I had already made the templates for the one above. This time, instead of stamping I decided on a fused background of large circles.
The gold thread I couched on the wings and the variegated pearl cotton scatter stitches gave it a zing. On all of these the background fabric was fused to Peltex and then the edges turned over to the back and fused to form a finished edge. Then the back fabric was fused on, covering the turned over edges. In all three I made use of those leftover bits of my hand-dyes that I hate to throw away. 
The back of this reads "A summer's day is not complete without a butterfly."

Something kept me from finishing the second postcard, perhaps because I was feeling that it needed something more. So one day I started playing with adding bits of color.  See what you think of my addition of some small rough cut circles to my final version.
I added my theme statement, "A summer's day brings sunshine and butterflies," put a backing on it,  and declared it done!
Now I just have to add plastic sleeves and postage and send them off to Lenna.

And, if you are still reading, thanks for the company!


Lenna Young Andrews said...

I got your email, Madalene - thanks for writing me and thanks so much for the direct link. You've got that down absolutely correct! I can use the link when I receive your postcards and upload them to the creative swaps blog. So happy to see you using fabric -I love that!! Glad you enjoyed, lenna

Nancy said...

These turned out beautifully! Also enjoyed your QBL posts.

arts4all said...

These are soooooo beautiful!!! Love the calmness of the little trees under that hot sun, but those butterflies flitting among the dots and stitches really say summer to me.

Really do appreciate your comments about the flower applique quilts - making small projects in a very traditional style frees my mind for a different kind of creative experimentation. I was many years a librarian before computers and when I had a problem to solve, I'd file catalog cards for awhile to rest my mind. Usually, an answer would appear in the midst of the tedious task.