Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The work I just finished is a quiet one.  It doesn't have that visual impact that draws you from across a room.  First of all, it is small--just 9 1/2 x 21 1/2 inches.  The fabric is some of my less dramatic snow dyes and the pattern depends mainly on machine quilting and hand stitched pearl cotton.
I got the idea for this piece from one of my Doodle Squares.  I was just playing with filling the center groups of curved parallel lines and liked the final pattern--looked like hills or perhaps plowed fields or a contour map.

So I pieced the background and quilted three slightly different-sized squares and filled them with the curved parallel lines using a different variegated thread in each.  Using three different skeins of Laura Wasilowski's beautiful hand-dyed pearl cotton, I added V-shaped stitches to the top, little French knots with tails to the second, and then  random short straight stitches to the bottom square.

Obviously there is change going on in this work.  Seasonal?  Low to high elevation? My daughter said it reminded her of cherry blossoms.

This little wall hanging looks better up close and personal in real life.  Hmm.  And what does that mean?   I like looking at this piece, but is it of lesser value because it is not as photogenic as other works?  My immediate answer would be:  of course not! but perhaps the question is something I should keep in mind for a while as I look at other quilts. 

Anyway, if you are still with me, thanks for the company.


quilthexle said...

I can understand why you love this little beauty - because it is just that, a beauty. It draws me into it, and I guess in an exhibition it would not yell at people, and therefore, not everybody would see it. However, those who would see it - I think they would look at it for a longer time, wandering with their eyes and listening to what it whispers. Thanks for sharing - I really love it!!

Vic said...

I second quilthexle's comments. This is a piece that rewards those who are drawn to detail.

I really like the flow of the isolated stitches in this piece from top to bottom. Everyone will see something different, but what I see is early summer (birds) flowing into late autumn (brightly-colored leaves) then flowing into spring (tender new leaves).

Very nice!