Thursday, December 17, 2009

Going paperless

These are some of the packages that will be under our tree this Christmas.  For the past three years I have been making bags for Christmas gifts, instead of using yet more trees and producing yet more waste during the season.  The first year I just got a couple done, the next year a few more, and this year I may make enough for just about all the presents.  It's a reason to use up some of my stash and Christmas fabrics are a great buy, if you stock up after Christmas or during July sales.  I will see how many bags return this year, but my youngest daughter, who is very creative on the sewing machine, caught the bug and made some last year as well.  We will see if she does it again this year with a nine-month old to keep happy. 

If you look closely, you may notice that there are no decorations on the tree yet, only lights.  But the bags are made.  I'm kind of liking this minimalist look of the tree . . . .

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